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Introducing MIX

Introducing MIX

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of MIX, the easiest way to create and save your photo editing experience.

Everyone has their own personal photo editing style; we hope to encourage this type of creativity by giving you the tools and means to create photo effects that represent YOU!

With over 115 hand selected filters, 40+ original textures, 10+ professional adjustment tools, and powerful dSLR quality bokeh and blurring effects, never has creative been so powerful and easy.

Brought to you by the award winning developer of Camera360 and HelloCamera, MIX allows everyone to create and save their own multi-layer photo effect formulas. With MIX’s groundbreaking non-destructive and non-linear workflow,  everyone can now create their own signature effects.

Starting today, MIX is available for download on Google Play.

Let’s get creative and start Mixing it up!

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